Guest posts

We are happy to work with agencies, organizations and established bloggers for guest posting. We are particularly keen to support other travel bloggers. We also provide guest posts for other travel blogs on request, if this works for our mutual benefit. If you would like to send us a proposal for a guest post, please email with a brief description of your organization or blog, link to your website, some biographical information about yourself if applicable and what you wish to offer. We will aim to reply within 2 business days.

What we’re looking for

Overall aim: we aim to deliver entertaining and informative content that is relevant to our readers. We believe in travel as a force for greater harmony and understanding in the world. Therefore, we do not publish any material that contains profanities or content that is highly likely to be offensive to any particular person or sector of society.

Subject matter: posts should be relevant to the subject of our blog, which is laid-back slow travel. We define this as non-vigorous, non-adventurous travel that can be undertaken mostly with public transport. Examples are:

  • destination guides
  • city guides
  • great rail journeys
  • exploring countries by bus
  • luxury stays
  • wine and food tours
  • spa holidays and retreats
  • yacht holidays and cruises
  • topical news subjects of general interest to travellers.

We do not cover:

  • adventure travel
  • road trips
  • cycling
  • cruising (other than very small scale)
  • hiking and other active outdoor pursuits

Images: your copy should include images. These can be your own, or from stock sites provided that you have permission or licensing rights to use them.

Language: the language of our blog is UK English. We accept guest posts in all forms of native English and will not change, for example, American spelling if you write in North American English. If you are a non-native English speaker, we will work with you to achieve a final text that reads as natural native English.

Length: ideal word count is 1000-1500.

Terms and conditions for accepting a guest post

  • We will publish your post for free, provided that you are not advertising a product or service on a commercial basis (if you do want to do this, please see ‘promotions, sales and paid copy’ below).
  • We reserve the right to accept or reject any proposal
  • All work must be original – no plagiarism or duplicate content that has been published elsewhere will be accepted. We run checks to ensure this condition is adhered to
  • You assure that all the information you provide in your post is honest and accurate to the best of your knowledge
  • We may edit or abridge your text to suit our style/format, but will aim to preserve as much of the author’s personality as possible. If substantial editing is required we may return the text to you for this purpose
  • We will credit you as the author, and you retain the copyright on your original content. If at any time you prefer for us to remove your post, just write to us at the email address above
  • We will publicise your post via our social media channels as with all our posts
  • You are free to link to your post on our site from any other site, or from emails etc.
  • We may include links from our advertisers in your post. Revenue-sharing is not possible due to the contracts we have with our advertisers
  • We will ask you to confirm that you accept our terms and conditions.

Promotions, sales and paid copy

We are prepared to consider a limited number of  guest posts from commercial advertisers and agencies who wish to use our platform to promote a product or service, provided that the content fits our niche, audience and outlook. Conditions to be agreed with individual agencies, but our general terms for guest posts (see above) offer a good guide as to our expectations.